The History of AFL

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  • April 27, 2017
  • The American football is one of the most popular competitive sports in the United States. The game has the right blend of both physical play and strategy and is usually played between two teams of eleven players each.1280px-Australian_Football_League.svg

    There are various means by which the each team can create points and the team that scores the maximum points wins the game. While the sport is popular in the United States, it is also popular outside America and is played in United Kingdom, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Finland, Sweden, Mexico, Spain, Israel, Austria, Japan, and various countries of the Pacific island.


    History of the AFL

    The American Football League was derived from earlier versions of rugby and soccer, both of which can trace their origin in the United Kingdom from the mid-19th century. Both rugby and soccer had enjoyed popularity in most countries. But it was not until 1880s that Walter Camp, a renowned rugby player from Yale, pioneered rules changes that gradually transformed rugby into American Football. Meanwhile, clubs that sponsored various sports teams became popular phenomenon in the U.S soon after the Civil War. One of the sports that the athletic clubs embraced was the American football.

    By the 1880s, most of these athletic clubs had formed a football team. Over time, regional rivalries became heated and each club rushed to bolster its teams. Some clubs secured jobs for star players while others awarded trophies to their players. Most clubs would offer lots of cash to players for their services. Because the sport was created for amateurs, the Amateur Athletic Union questioned these practices. But for every tactic declared illegal by Amateur Athletic Union, a new one was developed. The Allegheny team that was founded in 1890 and the Pittsburgh team, founded in 1891, were heated rivals already.


    The AFL rules

    The rule changes that were made by Walter Camp instituted changes that helped define AFL. in 1879 gave football its start. College coaches contributed to changes in game play that helped football become a dominant sport in America. The popularity of college football is what pushed the sports dominance in the 20th century. Chief to Camp’s influence in altering the rules of the sport was William Ebb Ellis, an English Rugby School student who was known for running with the ball towards the goal during a game. This breach of the existing rules paved the way for several changes.

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